About Ernest’s Real Wood Flooring

Hi, I’m Ernest, the real wood floor guy

ernest-stelmach-real-wood-flooring-expertI fell in love with wood when I was a teenager, and I’ve been working with it pretty much ever since. Wood is such a marvellously versatile material, and there’s nothing like it for hard-wearing quality and luxury. But it’s got to be the real stuff. There are many imitations on the market, from laminates to tiles to engineered solutions. They might claim to be more hard-wearing, easier to clean or maintain. But mostly they’re just cheap imitations – there really is nothing like the real thing.

Our floors take pride of place in many homes, but you’ll also find our real wood expertise in church and school halls, dance halls, gyms, exhibition rooms, restaurants and other venues. It’s much more than a job, it’s a passion, I really would love to seem more real wood floors across the UK. I work on all our floors myself, and I’m proud of my work – I hope you will be too.

Ernest Stelmach

I provide the following services

I do all fittings myself, sometimes with a little help from my friends (all skilled craftsmen, like me) using the skills I’ve learned in over a decade of fitting floors in homes, halls for schools and churches, dance halls, exhibition rooms, gyms, restaurants and more.
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