Answers to some of the questions we get asked most.

Do you use other flooring materials besides real wood?

Nope. We love real wood from sustainable sources, and it’s the only material we use in our floors.

Why do you only work with real wood?

It’s 100 per cent natural, it’s beautiful, it’s traditional and it lasts.

Do you do home visits?

Yes indeed. We always visit the location for an initial consultation before agreeing to any work.

How much do your consultations cost?

Our initial consultations are free of charge. When we visit your property we’ll be able to discuss your needs and provide you with an estimate of costs and time required. 

How far do you travel?

We’re based in London, but we can travel to wherever you are. There may be a cost for locations outside the M25.

Do you advise on which types of wood are most suitable?

Absolutely! We use many different types of real wood, including oak, teak and walnut. Each has different properties and we’ll discuss with you in detail what you expect from your real wood floor before fitting.

What if my floors are uneven?

We’ll make them flat and even. Often this will be at no extra cost, but if we foresee any major alterations we’ll let you know in advance.

What if I have damp?

We can test for damp, and if necessary we can fit a damp-proof membrane (DPM) to prevent it damaging your real wood floor.

Do you have a showroom?

We don’t have a showroom, but we have photographic examples of our work and many satisfied customers who can be contacted for testimonials and even viewing on request.

Do you do inlay designs?

Yes, and much more. We’re master craftsmen in real wood and can tailor it to your specifications.

Do you cut doors?

Yes, we’ll make sure your doors are the right height for your new real wood floor.

Do you fit floors supplied from other sources?

We prefer to source our own real woods – that way we can guarantee their quality and sustainability. However, we’re happy to discuss fitting other floors with you.

Can you provide sound proofing?

Yes. We can fit insulation materials that will reduce the noise caused by walking on a real wood floor. This is particularly useful in flats and non-ground floor installations.