Waxing, Varnishing & Colouring

We can install your new real wood floor in an unfinished state, or we can treat it for you after installation.


After installation, there’s much that can be done to create just the right finish for your real wood floor. Using lacquer, oil or wax we can achieve a variety of finishes, all of which we can illustrate in advance so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Depending on how these materials are applied we can achieve different levels of sheen to match any décor.


Our high-quality varnishes are built to last and will protect your floor from the trials of everyday life for many years. Hard, durable varnishes maintain the beauty and integrity of your real wood floor by allowing you to see the natural grain of the wood while coating it with a tough, protective surface that will defend it against scratches, scrapes and moisture.


Whatever your décor, and however you decide to change it over the years, your real wood floor can be adapted to match. We have a wide range of colours and effects to choose from, with samples to help you match just the right tone.