Wood Floor Installations & Fitting

We have a wide range of high-quality real woods to choose from, ranging from solid, traditional oak, beech and walnut to flexible, lightweight bamboo in a variety of finishes. We’ll show you samples and discuss the properties of each with you so you can decide on the perfect real wood floor for your needs.

A real wood floor to suit you

Real wood is beautifully versatile and available in a wide range of board types, from thin 57mm widths to extra wide modern-look 2000mm boards. Thickness can also vary from just 10mm to 22mm and bespoke variations are available on request.

We’ll discuss with you the circumstances of the fitting, and which types of timber will be most appropriate – some types are less susceptible to moisture, for instance, some heavier timbers may not be appropriate for non-ground floor fittings.

Hygienic and easy to maintain, real wood floors are free of the micro organisms and allergens that can lurk in carpets and rugs. They’re very easy to keep clean too.

Fixing methods

We usually fix the floor boards with traditional nails, which is the most secure and enduring method. When necessary we can also use glue (useful for parquet floors and other effects) and clips, which have their advantages when laying over a concrete sub-floor, for instance.

Nails can be used either in full view, or using ‘secret nailing’ methods which provide the hard-wearing security of nails, but without putting them on display. It’s an elegant technique which preserves the integrity of the flooring surface.

Wherever you need it

We can fit real wood floors in just about any location, on virtually any surface. Most homes involve laying floors over joists, and by fixing them with nails this has the added benefit of reinforcing your home’s structural stability, but we can also install on concrete and other materials. We can also incorporate techniques to help reduce noise, which can be particularly useful in flats.