Wood Floor Repairs & Restoration

wood floor sanding and resotration

Wood floor sanding and resotration

One of the great beauties of a real wood floor is that it can be restored again and again. Whether it’s been knocked, scratched, scoured, dented or otherwise neglected, with attention to detail and a little TLC it can be brought back to its original glory and made to look like new.

If you’ve moved into a new home and find that you have real wood floors, they’re worth holding onto, both as an investment (real wood floors can increase the value of a property and even help you make a future sale) and as a renewable resource. Having them professionally restored can make a tired, under-appreciated room into a stunning feature that can become a centrepiece of your home.

Real wood requires sympathetic treatment to look its best – we only use high quality materials and skilled carpenters for our restorations and repairs.


We can discuss with you the most appropriate look for your restored floor – a shiny new finish may not quite fit in a house that has a more traditional, lived-in look, in which case a distressed, characterful look may be best. On the other hand, a shiny, glossy finish may be just the thing to impress new clients when they visit your office. If individual boards have deteriorated beyond repair (by water damage, for instance), we can replace them with new ones that can be treated to exactly match the rest of the floor.

Parquet flooring

Changing fashions have meant that many beautiful parquet floors have been allowed to fall into disrepair or been covered over. We can bring them back to their former glory so they’ll enhance any home or office and make a unique statement of elegance and style.

Environmentally friendly

Real wood floors can be restored many times over their lifetime so the original resource is used again and again, without the need to chop down more trees or use non-renewable materials.


Restoring a real wood floor can give it a completely new look and feel at a fraction of the cost of installing a brand new floor.