Wood Floor Installations & Fitting

We have a wide range of high-quality real woods to choose from, ranging from solid, traditional oak, beech and walnut to flexible, lightweight bamboo in a variety of finishes. We’ll show you samples and discuss the properties of each with you so you can decide on the perfect real wood floor for your needs. A […]

Wood Floor Repairs & Restoration

One of the great beauties of a real wood floor is that it can be restored again and again. Whether it’s been knocked, scratched, scoured, dented or otherwise neglected, with attention to detail and a little TLC it can be brought back to its original glory and made to look like new.

Wood Floor Sanding

Complete Restoration Over the course of 50 years you might expect to sand and fully restore a real wood floor two or three times, and each time it will come up looking brand new. There’s no other material that offers this level of recyclability. The sanding process can do much to help make your existing […]

Waxing, Varnishing & Colouring

We can install your new real wood floor in an unfinished state, or we can treat it for you after installation. Waxing After installation, there’s much that can be done to create just the right finish for your real wood floor. Using lacquer, oil or wax we can achieve a variety of finishes, all of […]